Ramblings from an Aspiring Writer

Since I won the Writer’s Den contest I have been trying to digest all of the information I now have access to.  Daunting to say the least.  But after a few weeks of reading and some failed attempts at obtaining some freelance work, its time to punt and reset the offense for another drive.

I freely admit that I started this odyssey in the content mills, and like a jacked up tweaker, I went cruising for a fix yesterday.  You see, yesterday was a bit of a challenge for with with multiple rejections from anonymous submissions over the last few days.  I don’t know why an email destroys my confidence so much.  Those that know me personally know that I have no lack of self confidence.  So why do I let this bother me?  I have no idea.

I decided last night to step back and devise a more concrete plan of action and write it down step by step.  Including my required reading before I set forth.  But for today, I must go forth and heal the masses in my own unique way.

On a different note, I just returned on Tuesday evening from a whirlwind trip to the mountains with my mother and daughter.  I’ve decided that my mother is my grandmother reincarnated, constantly fluttering around, piddling with her (non existent) household chores, washing dishes constantly and washing loads of laundry the moment they hit the floor.  It makes me a bundle of nerves because at any moment I feel she will wheel on me and scream “Why aren’t you doing anything?”  We drove to Highlands one day along the most narrow, seat sucking route I’ve ever experienced, including the times rock crawling with the Jeep club.  Once there I realize that it wasn’t much different than being in Florida with all the Atlanta yuppies fluttering around (apologies to my Atlanta yuppy friends), BMWs, Mercedes, and Land Rover’s were plentiful parked along the street.  Sorry mom, I’ve got to get out of here.  My daughter stayed gone most of the time with her cousin, cousin being a loose term defined by the distance kinship of her mother and I.

Off to see patients, hope you all have a wonderful day!


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