You Wish You Played Like a Girl

My friend last Thursday proclaimed it was like Christmas Day except no, it was only the first game of the college football season which parlays into the much larger term “football season”.  Now Saturdays and Sundays can be occupied with the more joyful tasks of consumption of mass quantities, adult beverages and hours of football beginning around 10 am and winding down around midnight.

As much as I proclaim to be a fan of football, I missed the Saturday games this year (and most previous years) as I took four teenagers to a camping spot to visit with friends and ride golf carts with reckless abandon.  My only source of college football information was the Scoremobile app on my Droid.  It seems I didn’t miss a whole lot except for the epic beat down of Michigan and Denard Robinson.

With the beginning of football season comes the ever popular Fantasy Football Draft.  I have not played fantasy football in a few years so I was anxious to get back into the mix.  My previous forays into fantasy football met with less than stellar results.  After one exceptionally mediocre year I swore off Michael Vick for good.  But this is a new setup with me having to manually draft my team.  My team, I think, is just above average with the top flight quarterbacks already taken, except for Peyton Manning.  Oh yeah, his back up this year will be everyone’s favorite fantasy draft bust Michael Vick.  I have some well known players such as Victor Cruz but when we got down to the fourth and fifth rounds I started to go with players I was familiar with such as Jaguars or Bulldog/Gator/Seminole players that were successful in college.  So we shall see.

I’m the only girl in this particular league, although women are beginning to play fantasy football more and more.  The girls can bring the smack talk just like the guys but we must make sure the seven layer dip is heated through before we sit down for game day.

So get your stats and smack talk horn ready-for tonight the Dallas Cowboys and New Your Giants kick off the pro football season and another mediocre fantasy football season for me.


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