So how goes it?

With the exception of New Year’s next week, the holidays have come and gone and I have survived.  I hope all of you had a very pleasant holiday and have enjoyed family and friends.

I have a new nephew born a few days before Christmas, Taylor Austin to my brother in San Diego.  Luckily, I didn’t have to go to San Diego to relieve my mother as my sister-in-law is recovery well and they’ve got a pretty good handle on the whole parenthood thing.  Through the wonders of modern technology, we were able to video chat on Christmas Eve and my grandmother was able to meet her newest great grandchild.

On the parenthood front, we’ve had to clip dear princess’s wings for a period of time to remind her that we are in charge, not the other way around. She’s not doing anything that I may or may not have done at 17, but she is making questionable decisions and basically being a lazy, dumb ass teenager and hopefully this will be her wake up call.  If any of you fair readers would like a step by step guide to hacking a Twitter account, feel free to comment.  I’ll send you the instructions or if there’s enough interest, I’ll post it as a blog here. I’ve wavered on whether to post it or not, because for the most part they behave, but there are some that are downright STUPID, mine included. (Attention teenage idiots who have bothered to read this far, if you know me and I know you and your parents, you should either pray now or start deleting tweets, however, chances are you were unable to get past the first 100 words until you got bored so I guess there’s nothing to worry about). There’s a whole other world of teenage misbehavior that exists out there and you might be as shocked as I was to learn what constitutes teen conversation nowadays.  I guess these are the trials and tribulations of parenting in the 21st century.

Christmas was uneventful as my mother was in San Diego, there was no running hither and yon, one Christmas Eve dinner for us and my stepfather and a low key Christmas Day.  Princess is disappointed because she didn’t get exactly what she wanted and will surely make us pay until spring.  Eh, she should be grateful that she didn’t get a lump of coal and a bag of switches since she’s been such a pain in the ass.

The writing continues to progress forward, I’ve kept myself mostly occupied and pressing forward without incident.  My hope and goal for the new year is of course to make a little more money than I have the last two months, to have a more sustainable income rather than just extra cash.

I will be going to Live Oak on Sunday to see what trouble I can get in to with my skinny friend.  She camps rarely, never in a tent and is woefully unprepared for the bored fun that is camping.  So I shall go for the day and dispense with all of my camping wisdom.  Maybe we’ll even have a conversation or two while trail riding in the golf carts.  If I were smart I would drink to relieve the holiday tension and forget my worries but alas, I’m not that smart.


December in Florida, how I hate thee!

As I sit here, staring out the window of my home I am reminded of why Florida weather is so frustrating.  Here it is, December 10, 2012, and when I complete this blog post, I will trek over to where the Christmas tree stands, reach my hand back to the wall, and flip the hvac controller from heat to cool.  Yes, such is live in this schizophrenic, retarded weather state.   

And in other news….

Princess got her Jeep back after daddy’s backyard, ghetto-fied, rattle can body work.  It is what it is and considering it would have technically totaled vehicle because of the pillar damage, its not too terrible.  Off to work she goes now.

Johnny Manziel won the Heisman.  Good for him, it would have been a travesty had someone else won it considering he broke the SEC records of Cam Newton in his Heisman year and Tim Tebow in his Heisman year.  The high point however, was the Nissan Heisman House commercials….”Who’s been messing with my Heisman?”  Here’s your link I was just amazed that a Freshman quarterback beat Alabama.

Fantasy football is winding down for me.  It looks like I may have won my first playoff game, that is unless Tom Brady hangs 62 fantasy points on me.  In this world of fantasy football anything is possible.  What I hate about fantasy football is I out smart myself.  I screw up and put the wrong defense in against weak offensive teams then the other team has 3 interceptions for touchdowns-FML.

On the new career/freelance writing front, eh, its moving forward.  One of my goto content mills is really challenging me today with requests articles about inventory management, bulk auction sites, Cisco networking, etc.  I just can’t get my brain wrapped around it so I’ve moved on to the other article site to pick up a scorcher article called “premature menopause symptoms”.  I know you’re all dripping with envy.

Christmas is in full swing around here and shopping is coming to a close.  I still have to pick up some items for the husband, I have no idea what, but I’ll get it figured out.  I mean really, I have 14 days left right?



Summing up the week

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us without much bloodshed, time to move on towards Christmas and the insane procurement of more crap we don’t need.  But first, let’s have Jennifer’s week in review shall we.

Last Saturday started with dear husband and the children trekking to Daytona in the Chevelle.  It was popular site on the road and at the speedway, but alas, no big money offers to sell it.  Upon their return, dear daughter had to go hang out with her friends so off she went.

Except, I received a phone call from her friend a few hours later declaring that we needed to come get dear daughter because she was freaking out.  She allowed one of the boys to drive her beloved Jeep and he proceeded to lose control and slide it into a tree, shearing off the centering pin on the axle, bashing in the C pillar around the rear door and basically jacking it all up.  Her friend called me because dear daughter sometimes has a problem with crisis management and can’t control her emotions.  I don’t know why I’m saying this but the poor kid that did it was so distraught.  He cried because he knew he’s screwed up, among other things.  I’m reminded of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, “My brother’s gonna kill me!”  “Don’t worry man, my dad’s a plumber and he’s got an awesome set of tools.  I can fix it.”  Its taken dear daughter several days to break out of her funk, but her father has been working steady at it.  With his plumber tools (and other assorted leftover tools from the Jeep days), he thinks it will be back on the street soon, with a spare set of XJ rear quarter panels that we made years ago.  For all you Jeepers out there reading, we might need a D35 rear if this one ended up bent.  Maybe free to a good home.

Dear son, who I rarely talk about, hid his progress report from me and rightfully so.  Extremely poor grades, but he’s hell on that XBox and Call of Duty.  I should say was because his father removed all of it including his door.  How hard is it to do the homework?  He’s been working hard all week and thankfully the teacher let him turn in all those missing assignments, so he’s slowly digging his way out of the cellar.

The writing endeavor is going slow.  I’ve been crippled the last two days with a serious case of daydreamitis and have been completely unable to focus my thoughts on the tasks before me.  So much so I downloaded a planner app for my phone and tablet and spent this morning planning out Monday hour by hour in the hopes I can pull myself together.

But before Monday gets here, we have some serious redneck landscaping to do.  Once I hit the “publish” button over there I’ll be going to shower and head out back to start a fire and get some of that crap up that’s just dying to be burned off.  Hopefully I can get all my tasks accomplished by 4:00 because the SEC Championship Game comes on and as a mostly lifelong Bulldog fan, I can’t miss it.  We are a house divided since dear husband and dear daughter pull for the Tide.   My husband has a plan in place to text “Roll Tide” to a rabid Bulldog fan that he works with.  This could end ugly though.  Oddsmakers have ‘Bama by 7.5 as of last night.   If the Georgia defense shows up and Mike Bobo doesn’t turn into some blithering offensive idiot (that happens from time to time) I think Georgia has a sporting chance.  I’ll take the Dawgs and the points, but I think Bama maybe rolling to another championship.

In high school news, Derrick Henry finished out his stellar high school career last night as Yulee dropped to Bolles in the regional final football playoffs.  According to dear daughter, the boys left it all on the field, gave it all they had and then some.  There were reports of broken noses, bleeding gashes across foreheads and total exhaustion.  While dear daughter (who’s been keeping stats for football this year) has never been real chummy with Henry their entire school careers , dear daughter does understand that she had a front row seat to high school football greatness and she got to be a part of it.

An exciting week to say the least.  Here’s to having a better week coming up.  Go Dawgs, Sic ’em!!