December in Florida, how I hate thee!

As I sit here, staring out the window of my home I am reminded of why Florida weather is so frustrating.  Here it is, December 10, 2012, and when I complete this blog post, I will trek over to where the Christmas tree stands, reach my hand back to the wall, and flip the hvac controller from heat to cool.  Yes, such is live in this schizophrenic, retarded weather state.   

And in other news….

Princess got her Jeep back after daddy’s backyard, ghetto-fied, rattle can body work.  It is what it is and considering it would have technically totaled vehicle because of the pillar damage, its not too terrible.  Off to work she goes now.

Johnny Manziel won the Heisman.  Good for him, it would have been a travesty had someone else won it considering he broke the SEC records of Cam Newton in his Heisman year and Tim Tebow in his Heisman year.  The high point however, was the Nissan Heisman House commercials….”Who’s been messing with my Heisman?”  Here’s your link I was just amazed that a Freshman quarterback beat Alabama.

Fantasy football is winding down for me.  It looks like I may have won my first playoff game, that is unless Tom Brady hangs 62 fantasy points on me.  In this world of fantasy football anything is possible.  What I hate about fantasy football is I out smart myself.  I screw up and put the wrong defense in against weak offensive teams then the other team has 3 interceptions for touchdowns-FML.

On the new career/freelance writing front, eh, its moving forward.  One of my goto content mills is really challenging me today with requests articles about inventory management, bulk auction sites, Cisco networking, etc.  I just can’t get my brain wrapped around it so I’ve moved on to the other article site to pick up a scorcher article called “premature menopause symptoms”.  I know you’re all dripping with envy.

Christmas is in full swing around here and shopping is coming to a close.  I still have to pick up some items for the husband, I have no idea what, but I’ll get it figured out.  I mean really, I have 14 days left right?




One thought on “December in Florida, how I hate thee!

  1. glad Princess got the jeep back – Dad is her hero 🙂 – hope your happy now with the weather – it is flippin cold…. Just glad it was not last weekend at Doe Lake 🙂 Merry Christmas to my “Crabby Patty friend, her hubby and darling chitlin’s – go easy on the boy – he is after all in the delicate state of betwixt and between with growing up 🙂

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