I wanted a game, not a blow out!

‘Bama rolls 42-14 and this constitutes a national championship game?  I just finished rambling on in another blog post that just wasn’t coming together so I’m starting again. Last night’s game highlights why college football needs to get on with their playoff system and make it work.

I just sat through 35 bowl games, admittedly I only watched a few.  But 68 teams just spent lots of money to play what amounts to pointless games.  “But the SEC didn’t dominate their bowls.”  Who cares, in SEC play, unless you’re playing for the National Championship, bowling season is just a party for most of them.

But I feel let down this morning because all the talking heads were saying this Notre Dame team was going to make life difficult for Alabama.  Yawn!  While the NCAA and the BCS definitely didn’t want a repeat of last year’s National Championship, at least it was entertaining.  Who cares if it was two teams from the same division of the same conference.  At least it was the two best teams in the country beating the hell out of each other not college football’s brown nosing teacher’s pet saying we deserve to be in the National Championship even though we don’t play in a conference and don’t have to play a conference championship.  But in Notre Dame’s defense, they did go undefeated and beat high caliber teams in Oklahoma, Stanford and Michigan.  But I can’t help wondering how other SEC teams would have fared against Notre Dame.

I think Georgia, South Carolina and LSU could have beaten the Notre Dame team that showed up last night. Florida could probably beat them as well if their quarterback had one more year of experience under his belt.  Not to keep proclaiming the greatness of the SEC but FSU and Clemson both would probably have beaten Notre Dame as well.

I look forward to next years college football season for no other reason than we have the opportunity to get closer to having the two best teams play each other.  Consider this, in the NFL in the last twelve years, there have only been 5 Super Bowls where the end result was greater than touchdown score.  Meaning, those five games would have required two scores to tie or win.  In the same last twelve years of BCS National Championships, ten of twelve games would require two scores to tie or win, including last year’s BCS, where Alabama beat the same LSU team that beat them a month earlier.  My friend Andrew put it best, “The National Championship was played December 2 in Atlanta.”

Now we move on to pro football and finish out football season.  Congratulations to Alabama, and thank you for another year of misery in my house.


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