Big Ag-saving us from ourselves!

So I watched an interesting movie the other night called “Farmegeddon” or however you spell it.  It was a documentary about the raw milk movement.  Stimulating I know, but bear with me here, I think I have a solution for all sorts of different things.

Apparently, the federal government has a serious problem with those who produce raw milk for human consumption.  So much so that these peace-loving, hippy, organic farmers are raided by SWAT teams, federal marshalls, sheriff’s deputies and state police.  All of this in the name of public protection-because you know, we all have to show up at the town square to be shackled to the board and force-fed pasteurized, grade a homogenized industrial milk each week.  As a faithful subject of the imperial federal government, I know they would never allow me to consume something that was unhealthy for me.  Here’s the other disturbing portion of all this-all of these people in the raw milk movement were educated scientist-types who probably don’t undertake this type of endeavor on a whim.

With the New Year comes new resolutions.  My contempt for the government continues grow by leaps and bounds each day with new resolutions, taxes and encroachment in to my life.  The government controls our food, our schools and our health care.  If you think because you have private insurance you’re not subject to federal healthcare mandates, think again.  Hospitals and providers are motivated by none other than money and whoever gives them the most money, gets to exert their will.  Hospitals and providers derive the vast majority of their money from Medicare/Medicaid.  Therefore, they get to make the rules.

This article from Shape magazine highlights more of the terrible things propagated on us in the name of food safety.  The number of Big Ag executives in federal government is stunning, to say the least.  So do you think they’re in it for the money or are they doing it in the name of food longevity and creating a better product?

My solution to the raw milk issue is this-let the right wing, conservative/libertarian gun nuts protect the peace-loving, hippy, organic farmers.  When the gestapo shows up they can decide if they want to kill all these citizens over milk.  Yeah, seems legit.

I’ve known about issues in our food supply for years. I’ve never been one to eat instant mashed potatoes or cook processed food in the name of convenience.  My early years were spent eating canned green beans from my grandparents garden, peeling potatoes and learning how to cook from scratch.  But when I became a nurse and start practicing in home health, I began to see a bigger correlation between our health and the substance they call food that comes in a box.  I felt like a broken record for telling several Mr. Smith’s that they needed to cook whole foods from scratch and stop eating Hungry Man dinners and Kraft macaroni and cheese, very high in salt.  But more and more, its not the salt that I’m worried about-its these unpronouncable hydronated soybean derivatives.  For example, and to show you I’m just as susceptable as the next person, my coffee creamer from Carnation, Vanilla Flavor, has dipotassium phosphate.  My basic excuse is-I’m afraid to ask what the he** this is.  Like the rest of America I’m going to stick my head in the sand for a little while longer before I commit to breaking my coffee creamer addiction.

I guess the point of all of this is we all need to start paying closer attention to what we’re putting into our mouths. For those that haven’t learned to cook yet, its time to start.  To those that live and die by the convenience factor, start planning ahead.  Otherwise, they might as well brand you as a health liability from birth in this country.  I’ll let you know if the jack-boots show up to check me for raw milk.


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