Time to curl up on the couch with Lonesome Dove

Which translates to I’m not feeling too hot today.  It was only a matter of time before I was going to contract a version of the plague from my children.  But for bonus points, husband and I are both on the sickly side.  When I’m sick and don’t feel well I usually curl up on the couch, pop “Lonesome Dove” into the VCR and snooze my sickness away.  Dear husband took pity on me and my worn out VHS tape and bought it on Blu-Ray for me.  But I haven’t been sick enough to use it until today.  While I’m not on death’s door, I do feel crappy enough to disregard my writing obligations today and lie around.

The Super Bowl was last night.  I picked the Ravens because I didn’t think Kaepernick had the nerves to stay in it.  Kaepernick managed to bring the team back to make it a game though.  I wasn’t a fan of either team so it didn’t really matter to me one way or another.  I do think though that the electrical authority in New Orleans got the last laugh with Roger Goodell-“Ha, suspend our coach and players and see what happens.”

And staying with football for a while longer, an interesting article from Bill Simmons on why we, as fans, continue to tolerate the obvious cheaters in professional sports.  I’m often stunned that we all just turned a blind eye to the obvious difference between Oakland A’s Mark McGwire and St. Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire.  I’m just as guilty but I really enjoyed Simmons bluntness about the cheaters.

Ads-pretty bland and mundane this year.  The exception would be Budweiser and the Clydesdale ad, Jeep and the troops, and Dodge and Paul Harvey.  I really should go back and watch the Dodge ad again, I missed the first part.  Truthfully, I miss Paul Harvey, we need more common sense in today’s world.

My son played his first baseball game Saturday with his new travel baseball team.  He didn’t set the world on fire but he also didn’t screw up, which I guess was a bonus. Double header in Orange Park staring into the sun for 5 hours-yeah! But after nine years of recreational baseball this will be my first year not having to be at the ballpark in town. I’ll miss my adult friends and hanging out in the outfield but I won’t miss the bullshit.

I submitted a test piece for a group of magazines the other day, a book review on remaking furniture.  Everything was moving right along until I got to the end where the author showed off some of her work.  This person took a piece of furniture that had a definite tiger wood pattern, with a “backbone” type of appearance that the original furniture maker took pains to preserve, and painted over it.  No stain-solid blue paint.  I was all psyched to write that review up until I saw that.  But still, I hope it works out and will lead to mo’ better writing opportunities.

I’m off now to the comfy confines of my couch and to commune with my long, lost friends Gus and Woodrow.


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