Need Writing?

Owning your own business is difficult.  Most of the time you are your own marketing department, sales department and accounting department. You would love to get your product or message out to the masses but you have no idea how.   Consider writing articles to communicate with your customers.  Once a week updates to your website can improve your visibility in search engines and display your expertise to the world.  Between all of you other obligations you may feel like there’s just no time for that extra work.  If that’s the case, hire a writer to get your message out to the masses.

With experience in healthcare, automotive, real estate, DIY and a host of other things, I can take your business message and transform it into a marketing tool for you.  Drop me a line today to discuss your business writing needs or give me a call at (904) 321-6309.

Links to my published articles

Living with Arthritis

ADHD in Women

Living with ADHD

Hypoglycemic Symptoms

My Experience with Low Blood Glucose

Understanding Stress Incontinence

Planning for Nursing Homes

Book Review for Flea Market Decor Magazine from Beckett Media.


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